Good Food Good Jobs Network Gathering

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Good for Workers, Good for Businesses, and Good for Communities

Our network gathering will serve as a collaborative learning circle where we will collectively build intelligence and real-time, evidence-based perspectives on the future of work in our city. We aim to involve FoodLab member businesses who have a level of understanding of the troubling trend of rising wealth and income inequality in the United States and want to address this issue by focusing on the creation of higher quality jobs. At our network gathering you will hear from FoodLab member businesses who are providing quality jobs and you will learn how to begin undertaking practical efforts to foster the creation of quality jobs in your business, as well as how to measure results. Working together, we can create jobs that are good for workers, good for businesses, and good for communities, ultimately bringing us closer to a city that provides good food and good jobs for all. This network gathering is invite only.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Devita Davison, Angela Dagle, Ajara Alghali, and Jessica Webb.

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