FemTechNet Network Gathering

Technology, science, and feminism

FemTechNet is an activated network of hundreds of scholars, students, and artists who work on, with, and at the borders of technology, science, and feminism in a variety of fields including Science and Technology Studies, Media and Visual Studies, Art, Women’s, Queer, and Ethnic Studies. In the FemTechNet (Feminist Technology) Network Gathering we will explore how technology perpetuates existing structural inequalities and what can we do to make technologies work for us and our diverse communities. We will create a collaborative space for revealing the power relations embedded in technology, such as racial bias in tech design, systemic threats to online safety, and gender imbalances. Our goal is to review existing materials from the FemTechNet archive of videos, syllabi, and/or assignment prompts in order to formulate continued organizing goals. Our hope at the AMC is to bring people into the FemTechNet network and springboard new projects and collaborations.

Participants will walk away with a bank of successful intersectional feminist project designs, alliances with people in different geographical and institutional contexts, and supportive relationships built from face-to-face collaborations. To apply to attend, please submit an application.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Ashley Walker, Veronica Paredes, Heide Solbrig, Anne Cong-Huyen and George Hoagland.


Call for Participation

Do you lead technology or feminist focused courses, workshops, activities, or actions on your campus or in your community? Or are you interested in being involved with intersectional feminist media-based practice in your community — be that in your neighborhood, your local education center, or in other more formal educational and higher learning institutions?

Since 2013, FemTechNet (FTN) has organized, coordinated, and documented a distributed, open, collaborative course on the topic of feminism and technology. The work of maintaining this network has become the focus of our research, as well as our media, teaching and learning practices. In response to the precarious (be they financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, ideological) positions most of our members inhabit, and the inherent challenges of doing this work, we operate in a horizontal committee structure to prioritize the fair distribution of labor.

FTN aims to be an artist or activist collective that strives for mutual care and kick-ass projects that get done based on the interest and energy of participants. We also aim to provide a supportive community for the difficult work of feminist pedagogy. We invite you to build with us, so that we may support each other and create online spaces that value ethics, care, reciprocity, safety and privacy at their core. If this sounds interesting to you or if you’ve worked with FTN in the past and want to be a part of reshaping its future, fill out an application and join us at AMC2017!


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