Art as Resistance Track

Creative resistance in our communities

Our art practices are vital to resistance to injustice and cultivation of healing. Whether resisting displacement, privatization, police violence or environmental destruction, this track will explore visual and performance projects that disrupt, inform, affirm and catalyze social change. We will also examine the relationship between art and gentrification, the criminalization of political street art and the regulation of art in public spaces. Participants will exchange ideas, skills and lessons learned to develop new strategies and inspiration for creative resistance in our communities.

Coordinators of this track are Stephanie Mae, Sicily Amaris McRaven, and Kate Levy.

Art as Resistance Track

Call for Participation

The Art as Resistance Track invites you to share visual and performance projects that disrupt, inform, affirm and catalyze social change.

We’re looking for projects that...


  • Does your art practice directly or indirectly resist displacement, eviction, deportation, water shut-offs, oil pipelines, police violence, etc.?


  • Does your art practice inform youth or community about important local or global struggles?
  • Does your work creatively present facts or data to increase accessibility of information?
  • Does your work transcend dominant narratives and make connections to raise collective consciousness?


  • Does your work affirm cultural knowledge, power and beauty?
  • Does your work prioritize meaningful participation with emphasis on collaboration and process?
  • Does your work facilitate emotional processing of shared trauma and healing through creative expression?


  • Do you use performance or visual art in protests and direct actions? Does your work energize movement work?
  • Does your work inspire and invite others to join movement work?

We also invite conversation around how communities can embrace art without becoming targets for gentrification. How can we recognize and resist co-optation of our art and our messages? How we can combat the criminalization of street art in increasingly regulated public spaces?

Bring your ideas, skills, and knowledge to build a national network of artist and activists developing new strategies for creative resistance in our communities.

If you have questions, email: Stephanie: or Sicily:


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