Amalgamation Network Gathering

Mixed race, mixed identities, mixed media, mixed media

Please note this network gathering has been cancelled.

Amalgamation explores how we as mixed race people show up in media, our families, and communities. We will explore the challenges and blessings of living and organizing at the margins and intersections of society. We will discuss and hold space for mixed race people to challenge anti-blackness within our community, and to ask: how do we become agents of change within our mixed-race communities? Participants will walk always with strategies, tools and support to show up fully in spaces and express our lived wisdom. Amalgamation brings us home, challenging our historical, present and futuristic views of what it means to be mixed race. This network gathering is open, but please submit an application here.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Luzviminda Uzuri “Lulu” Carpenter, Kim Savarino, Nastassja Schmiedt, Natasha Tamate Weiss, and Lola Gibson-Berg.

Call for Participation

Every-body and any-body of mixed ancestry, tangled bloodlines, family from one place and other family from another, we want to know you! We want to build community with you; we want to build belonging with you. AMALGAMATION is a day-long network gathering specifically for and by those of us who identify as mixed-race. If you have grown up navigating, adapting to, and defying multiple sets of identities, communities, families, and expectations, we invite you to collectively create a clearing where we can each bravely settle into our wholeness. By using our bodies, centering our creativity, and expanding our capacity for honesty, we hope to model a world in which our full existence is possible.

At the 2016 AMC, we unearthed a need to discuss and hold space for mixed race people, to challenge anti-blackness within our communities, and to hold space for our experiences within our families and communities. We want to challenge perceptions of mixed race people, using media and technology to tell the truth of our existences. We will build a multi-media image wall and will brainstorm how to utilize our identities for revolutionary purposes, countering images and stories of assimilations. Conversations and story circles will focus on the intersections of gender, class, and sexual orientation, as well as the colorism and privilege tied to cultural assimilation, monoracial passing, and anti-blackness. How do we become agents of change within our mixed-race communities?

Please join us to lay out new maps that point us toward the “third way.”

**To facilitate substantive trust-building within a limited amount of time, we are capping participation at 30 people. Please submit an application here.

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