Radical Community Spaces Network Gathering

Safe spaces and venues for organizing

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The Radical Community Spaces (Espacios Comunitarios Radicales) Network Gathering will engage grassroots groups operating community spaces to explore skills, structures and strategies for sustainability. This is an opportunity for a national network of radical community spaces to connect, build with, and learn from each other. This convening will allow participants the opportunity to explore possible structures and strategies for the sustainability of radical community spaces through a creatively facilitated and participatory agenda. Working from a collectively formed definition of “radical,” we will exchange insight and solution-oriented ideas that support this work in our communities. This is an open network gathering.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Ann-Meredith Wooton, Jayeesha Dutta, and Rei Lorin.

resourcing and sustaining movements

Call for Participation

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Safe spaces and venues for organizing work are a consistent need in our communities. Unfortunately spaces that operate independent of the government or nonprofit complex are all too often in flux. How can radical community spaces, particularly those operated by collectives or grassroots entities, operate more sustainably?

Participants are invited to contribute to a discourse (rooted in a transformative justice praxis) that will:

  • Assess the general implications and essential needs of operating a radical community space
  • Share effective organizational structures and practices
  • Plot programming possibilities to activate radical community spaces (with art, transformative justice as praxis).
  • Identify opportunities to generate funds, leverage resources/skills, and maximize relationships
  • Construct creative strategies to achieve financial viability and capacity building
  • Address any other universal challenges/concerns.

In addition to a framework to more effectively operate their respective radical community space moving forward, participants of this gathering will gain a national support network of other community spaces to build with.

The Radical Community Spaces Network Gathering will be inclusive and accessible to all bodies and ages. Questions, comments, and request for translation services may be submitted to the organizers at: RAHC504@GMAIL.COM.

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