Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives Network Gathering

Supporting families, caregivers, and parents

The InterGalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives is a network of groups providing childcare for social justice organizers as a way to support families, caregivers, and parents participating in movement and organizing work. We are holding space for childcare collective members (and prospective members) to share ideas, practices, resources, curriculum, and activities. We will work together to find solutions to shared challenges and anticipate ways our work might evolve in the next few years. We will strengthen our current network by making real-life connections (beyond our online listserv), getting to know each other on a personal level, eating together, and sharing stories of the past, present, and future. As a result of our network gathering, childcare collectives across our galaxy* will be stronger, more motivated, and connected to each other. This is a closed network gathering.

*as of right now, our reach extends across North America, but we aspire to galactic connectivity!

Coordinators of this network gathering are Brit Campese, Sabine Bernards, Bhavana Nancherla, and Phuong Nguyen.

ICCC network gathering

Call for Participation

The ICCC invites members of childcare collectives to gather for a day of sharing practices, strategizing about our collective work, and building community! This network gathering is for members of the Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives. Are you interested in learning more about starting a childcare collective? Keep an eye out for a session or mealtime meetup as part of the Kids and Caregivers Transform the World! Track. Please contact us with any questions:

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