Detroit/Puerto Rico Solidarity Exchange Network Gathering

New relationships between Detroit and Puerto Rican organizers

What do communities in Detroit and Puerto Rico have in common, what can we learn from each other and how do we work together? At this Network Gathering, we will draw connections between the fight against the appointments of Emergency Managers and PROMESA Oversight Board and the creative interventions rooted in self-determination by grassroots communities in Michigan, Puerto Rico and in the Diaspora. Additionally, we will learn the ways in which the neoliberal attacks on Puerto Ricans and Detroiters have impacted our communities and the narratives (racialized, austerity, dependency, etc.) that are used to justify these attacks. We will also focus on building new narratives that tell a different story of the continued resistance, experimentation and grassroots projects that we believe present a real alternative to “rescue plans” pushed forward by politicians and Wall Street interests. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the on-the-ground organizing projects in Detroit, Puerto Rico, and in the PR Diaspora and new relationships between Detroit and Puerto Rican organizers. We hope you will join us to share, learn more about, and support our communities’ vibrant organizing projects. We will have opportunities to continue building relationships at the Allied Media Conference and beyond.

This network gathering is open with an application. Please apply by May 1st.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Teresa Basilio, Sofía Gallisá, Adela Nieves, and Ariadna Godreau.


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