Uplifting Women’s Voices in Hip Hop Track

Feminist Hip Hop Activism

Hip Hop has many cultural forms (DJing, dance, emceeing, graffiti, and knowledge) but too often these are used as propaganda tools to oppress women of color. The Uplifting Women’s Voices in Hip Hop Track will bring together artists, activists and academics to stage new conversations utilizing creativity to reshape the dominant narratives in music and media.

Coordinators of this track are Piper Carter, Nina Payne, Deshaunda Sullivan, Naeemah Martin, Salamah Sulaiman, and Jade Lathan.

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Call for Participation

Women and gender non-conformists have always been a part of hip hop’s history. Sadly, a lot of that history has not been recorded; as such, we all face social amnesia about what women and women identified femmes have contributed to both hip hop culture and the scholarship about hip hop.

This year The Foundation is calling out for work along three lines of practice and ways of knowing.

We seek practitioners who wish to share and exhibit their DIY sensibilities/skillsets about:

Direction 1:

  • The processes and practices of DJing
  • B-girl culture and crews
  • Emcee workshops
  • New looks in graffiti writing
  • Zulu knowledge about what is at stake keeping peace, love & unity and having fun always together

Direction Two:

  • The business skills and networking that are necessary to garner success in the hip hop underground and commercial industry
  • How cooperative economics can model hip hop movement making

Direction Three:

  • Research that is accessible, cultural relevant, and cool about gender issues that women and gender non-conformists face in hip hop culture-this work may be grounded in practices like: cyphers, story-telling, and alternative musical production.

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