Wage Love Detroit Practice Space

Supporting intergenerational and interconnected movements

Detroit-rooted, international activist and healer Charity Hicks first issued the call to “wage love” in the ongoing fight against water shut-offs in Detroit. Since then, this call has evolved into a consciousness. “Wage Love” encompasses the many ways Detroit communities transform state-sanctioned violence and structural racism into action that broadens personal connections and builds loving community.

This action space is a convergence point where AMC participants from all locales can experience a spectrum of “waging love,” through the demonstrated work of activists and organizers supporting Detroit’s intergenerational and interconnected justice movements.

Coordinators of this practice space are Bryce Detroit, Shane Bernardo, Kristian Davis-Bailey, William Copeland and kezia curtis.

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Wage Love Detroit Practice Space Call for Participation

This practice space will be structured in six blocks of three hours each.

We are looking for proposals that demonstrate how new narratives, art, food, agriculture, cooperative economics, youth activism, and technology are being used to build authentic relationships that cut across “issues” and bring people together around a fierce commitment to our humanity and to each other. #NewCulture #NewEconomies

We are looking for proposals that demonstrate how Afrikan and Indigenous cultural literacy is being used to foster deeper connectedness and solidarity across Black and Brown communities in Detroit. #AncestralLiteracies

We are looking for proposals that demonstrate how young people transitioning into adulthood are successfully self-actualizing themselves into this current society. #selfdetermination

We are looking for proposals that investigate the impact and implications of Detroit activists traveling outside the U.S., building international solidarity and networks.

Please contact detroitrecordings@gmail.com and shanebernardo@gmail.com with any questions.

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