Resourcing and Sustaining our Movements Track

Collaboration, solidarity and abundance

How can we fund, resource and sustain our work and movements in ways that energize us, strengthen our organizing, and build community? The Resourcing and Sustaining our Movements Track will investigate and examine grassroots fundraising how-tos, self and community care strategies, alternative economic models (i.e. co-ops, gift economies, etc.), grassroots entrepreneurship and the role of media, art and technology in supporting it all. Through participatory workshops, one-on-one consulting, skill shares, and peer networking spaces, we will explore how to grow the resources we need for our movements and communities to thrive. Whether you are starting a collective, operating a small business, working as an independent artist, running a nonprofit, or work outside of traditional non-profit structures – this space is for you! We will walk away with new fundraising ideas, relationships, and the spirit of collaboration, solidarity, and abundance.

Coordinators of this track are Tanya Mote, Crystal Middlestadt and Allison Budschalow.

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