RAD Care Beyond Social Justice Track

Self and community care in practice

What does self and community care look like in practice? How can communal and ancestral knowledge inform an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist approach to wellness? RAD (Radical, Accessible & Decolonizing) Care is about centering marginalized people, people who don't see themselves represented in movement building, and gathering to share collective knowledge and teach how to be in allyship with one another. The RAD Care Beyond Social Justice Track will collectively envision new ideas of accessibility and wellness through self-determination and mutual care. We will practice challenging ableism, surviving trauma, internalizing self-care, and working at the roots of oppression through equitable, mutual community care. Participants will walk away with practical skills to engage in radical care practices in their day-to-day lives with a critical analysis of inclusivity.

Coordinators of this track are Smitty Buckler, RC Brown, Theresa Soto, Renee Jarreau Greene, Zoe Grieder and Ariel Howland.

rad care beyond social justice
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