Performance from the Stage to the Street Track

Embodying our visions of the world

As performers we embody our visions of the world. We create performances on stages, streets, and dance floors, in spiritual centers, on social media and with our bodies every day. How do we use performance to navigate the worlds we live in? How have our communities historically used performance to resist oppression? How can performance be further used to organize and inspire our communities? This track is for self-identified performers of all kinds, and anyone interested in how performance can be used to create a more just world. There will be live performances and opportunities to learn about different styles, including dance, theater, burlesque, clown, music, poetry, capoeira and more! We will also explore some of the issues performers face historically and in their day-to-day lives around vulnerability and visibility, emotional cycles, and more.

Coordinators of this track are Una Osato and Michi Osato.

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