Dancing Our Lives Practice Space

Reimagining dance and movement for empowerment

Dancing Our Lives Practice Space is for anybody who is curious about how dance and movement can facilitate storytelling, aid in social movements, and benefit everyday health and wellbeing. Together we will reimagine dance and movement that empowers Black, indigenous, people of color, queer and trans people, self-identified crips, fat folks, disabled folks, deaf and hard-of-hearing people, elders and folks who are often left out of dance. Dancing Our Lives will bring together various movement styles from folk dance, street dance, classical dance, martial arts, and the healing arts to celebrate our lives, survival and continual resistance. Let's carve out space in dance, movement and media for our bodies and experiences to exist. We don't have to do it the same but we can do it together!

Coordinators of this practice space are Sze-Yang Ade- Lam, Jelani/Ravyn Ade-Lam, and Kumari Giles.

Dancing our lives

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