Building Climate Resilient Communities Track

Community-led strategies to face climate change

Climate change endangers our material, physical, and spiritual wellbeing – our response must be radical and transformative. The Building Climate Resilient Communities Track will explore community-led strategies to move beyond fossil fuel and consumer-based societies and adapt to face increasing climate change impacts. In order to build resiliency and sustainability in our communities, we will explore some of the most transformative and exciting alternatives to the drivers of climate change including DIY personal and collective projects and large scale infrastructure such as microgrids and post-disaster communication hubs. Participants will walk away with tools to reimagine their communities and relationships to each other, while also preparing to navigate climate change.

**Our track upholds three core climate justice values, which for us include: (1) centering and following the leadership of communities most impacted by climate change; (2) addressing its root causes; and (3) opposing oppressive systems and practices that exploit our communities.

Coordinators of this track are Antonio Cosme, Ceci Pineda, Brenda Salas, Tabitha Skervin, Crysbel Tejada, and Kat Yang-Stevens.

Building resilient communities
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