“Wage Love” Detroit Action Space

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Transforming heartbreak into action

Detroit activist and healer Charity Hicks first issued the call to “wage love” in the ongoing fight against water shut-offs in Detroit. Since then, it has evolved to encompass the many ways Detroit transforms heartbreak into action as we experience tremendous losses of democracy, land, water, and lives. The “Wage Love” Detroit Action Space will be a convergence point for Detroiters and AMC participants from other cities to explore the hands-on work of waging love. What does waging love look like in practice? Through storytelling, skill sharing, dialogues, relationship building, and strategy sessions, we aim to inform people about the visionary resistance happening in Detroit. This is a space for both locals and people from other communities interested in supporting Detroit-led work as well as bringing insights back to their communities.

This practice space is coordinated by ill Weaver, Complex Movements; Oya Amakisi, Coalition for Justice and Respect for Black life; Kezia Curtis, Positive Peace Warrior Network Detroit; Zena Ozeir, Z Collective; Bryce Detroit

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