Transforming our Messages Through Art

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Redefining the art of collage

Collage and collage-making is the art of re-contextualizing an idea or juxtaposing contrasting concepts. The Transforming our Messages Through Art Practice Space will explore and redefine the art of collage through visual art, music, zines, crafts, digital media and other forms of art. We will host workshops and open stations where we make artwork that deconstructs everyday images and ideas and reconstructs their messages for the purpose of empowering ourselves and our communities. We will explore how this same technique can be applied to various mediums and tools, and participants will have the opportunity to create an original piece of artwork. We also encourage this space as a place to heal through creativity.

This practice space is coordinated by Maribel Falcón, Barbara Calderón, Lauren Trejo, Colectiva Cósmica

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