Resourcing and Sustaining our Movements (Track)

Staying centered for the long haul

Sustaining our movements is about ensuring that we have the funds to continue our work and the self and community care practices that will allow us to stay centered for the long haul. This track, now in its second year, focuses on grassroots fundraising and resource organizing strategies (i.e. cooperative development, alternative economic models and reciprocity). We will examine the critical tools and practices (i.e. dialogue, work planning, time management, good food, rest, mindfulness, creative expression) that keep us healthy and effective. In the spirit of collaboration, solidarity and abundance, we will use participatory workshops, skillshares, peer networking and learning spaces to explore creative responses to the common fund/resource raising and sustainability challenges that we face daily, within and outside of nonprofit structures. Participants will leave with new fundraising ideas, strategies, skills, relationships, resources, and a network of other folks who are interested in continuing this dialogue.

This track is coordinated by Ryan Li Dahlstrom, GIFT; Tanya Mote, Su Teatro; Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz, The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice; Allison Budschalow, Media Mobilizing Project

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