Research Justice

Grassroots-led research as a tool for change and liberation

The Research Justice Track, in its fourth year, will focus on sharing skills and tools for utilizing grassroots-led research and data in order to reveal untold stories, challenge dominant narratives, and expose social injustice to make the case for change. Research justice honors the expertise of communities most impacted by injustice and supports their organizing and movement building. Our definition of “data” is broad and includes our experiences, traditions, stories, and community knowledge, as well as the many ways we communicate our data, such as maps, reports and studies. We will examine success stories of radical research as a tool for change and liberation, while continuing to grow a national research justice network.

This track is coordinated by Kat Hartman, NiJeL; Chris Schweidler, Research Action Design; Jessica McInchak, Detroit Ledger; David Kim, Youthprise

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