Intergalactic Intergenerational Justice

When we care for each other, we can transform the world!

Intergalactic Intergenerational Justice Practice Space is a place for intergenerational community – kids, caregivers, parents, and friends – to build and share stories. We will provide support for participants based on a transformative justice model. We will listen to each other, set mutual agreements, play cooperative games, engage in creative problem solving, encourage youth leadership and independence, and more! We will offer workshops that involve zine-making and creating murals to encourage participants to share their ideas and stories about issues that matter to them. Our goal is for every family member to have a chance to participate in empowering media-making adventures at the AMC.

This practice space is coordinated by Jacob Klippenstein, Chicago Childcare Collective; Sam Affholter and Ri Molnár, Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives.

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