Healing Justice Practice Space

Engaging our bodies as media

How do we engage our bodies as media? The way we care for ourselves and each other directly relates to our resilience and that of our communities, collectives, and movements.The Healing Justice Practice Space invites you to take advantage of healing sessions including but not limited to community acupuncture, energy and bodywork, tarot & divination, visual, auditory, and movement arts, herbalism, and meditation as well as skillshares such as community medics workshops, trans*body workshares, body support for grief, healing justice for Detroit-based organizers, and inducing menstruation strategy shares. Additionally, counseling, crisis support, and safety teams will be available throughout the weekend. We will co-create a liberatory and luscious healing space that is accessible for all bodies and minds, centering marginalized ones.

This practice space is coordinated by shay(den) n. gonzalez; Hong Gwi-Seok, Iyengar Yoga Detroit; Nina Metsovaara; Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Badass Visionary Healers; Ash Robbins; Autumn Brown, Rock Dove Collective; Rico Kleinstein Chenyek, Badass Visionary Healers

If you would like to participate in the Healing Justice Practice Space as a practitioner, space keeper / point person, strategy / skillshare facilitator, or fundraiser, please fill out our application form.

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