Get Yr Rights

Know Your Rights trainings and resources for LGBTQTS youth

What are LGBTQTS youth across the country doing to fight profiling, police abuse, and criminalization? The national LGBTQTS Know Your Rights Network, developed at the AMC in 2013 and officially launched in January 2014, has grown to include 30 network members. We are LGBTQ youth and youth-serving organizations from across the country who share resources, strategies and networks to reduce the harms of law enforcement interactions with LGBTQTS youth. The Get Yr Rights Network Gathering will orient members and any youth who want to get involved to our website,, where LGBTQTS youth and youth organizers can find curriculum for Know Your Rights trainings, campaign toolkits, and other resources for making systemic changes to policies and practices that criminalize LGBTQTS youth. Together, we will envision and create new ways to share information critical to the safety of LGBTQTS youth!

This network gathering is coordinated by Andrea Ritchie, Mitchyll Mora, and Veronica Bayetti Flores, Streetwise and Safe (SAS)

Call for Participation

This network gathering is invite-only.