Future Design Lab

Brainstorming, contemplating, hacking and building better futures

The Future Design Lab will open up the design process and explore how future-making can be more accessible to people and communities who are conventionally excluded from it. Everyone who enters the lab should consider themselves a designer, and together we’ll collaborate on creative solutions and alternative visions for our communities. We’ll actively draw connections between decolonization, design, and healing. We will also explore how our design work can be a process of time travel that connects our past with our future. Drawing from both ancient wisdom and new technology, we will brainstorm, contemplate, hack, and build practical and fantastical prototypes and systems for better futures. We will host skillshares, creation stations, hands-on experiential learning and unlearning exchanges, sessions, and experiments. Through these collaborative and intentional processes, we will co-create futures that are self-determined, crucial, beautiful, and within reach.

This practice space is coordinated by Victoria Barnett, Social Justice Open Studio, JFAAP; Ben Leon, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Una Lee, And Also Too, Social Justice Open Studio; Tings Chak; Wesley Taylor, Complex Movements, Talking Dolls, Lawrence Tech University; Carlos Garcia, Complex Movements, University of Michigan; Melissa Moore, Youth Learning Lab of Education and Applied Design

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Future Design Lab


The Future Design Lab is seeking donations to support the presenters and activity facilitators in the lab this year. Travel can be quite expensive, and we want to bring in as diverse an array of designers, educators and creators as possible.

Your donation is tax deductible. Donations may also be sent as checks to Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St., Detroit, MI 48201. Note "Future Design Lab" in the memo.