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Reclaiming our stories through visual storytelling

When we tell stories through film, we have the capacity to change the landscapes of our collective imagination. The Filmmaking & Beyond Track works to deconstruct dominant narratives of white, capitalist, patriarchal, heteronormative, and colonial systems, by examining the ways in which visual storytelling and moving image can be used as a means of reclaiming our stories and creating social justice. We will go beyond traditional filmmaking to explore guerilla video projection, public art installation, and live video performance. We will also consider what's possible when we remove the boundaries between creators and viewers in order to foster more vibrant, participatory art experiences. We will share best practices for funding, collective media production, and grassroots distribution while devising strategies for using our media as tools for popular education.

This track is coordinated by Jessie Levandov, Anna Barsan, and Sam Tabet, Signified

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