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Femme is a vision rooted in resistance and community.

Femme is a concept of femininity that draws its power from the queer, trans, Black, immigrant, indigenous, fat, poor, and disabled survivors of this world. Femme is a queer-of-color identity that is centered around embodying a femininity that transcends and challenges white supremacist patriarchal ideas of femininity as white, of femininity as weakness, of femininity as not innovative. Our femme challenges these notions and embraces femme as power, as survival, as cutting-edge and as community. The Femme4Femme Media Track will explore media that makes femme brilliance visible and irresistible. We will share the skills we need to create femme-centered media and build strategies for storytelling ourselves into the future. This track prioritizes queer and trans femmes of color, but is open to all femmes and people in solidarity with femme resistance.

This track is coordinated by Morgan Robyn Collado; Noreen Khimji, Cicada Collective; Kytara Epps, Caleb Luna; Cortez Wright

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