Creative Placekeeping Through Sound

Sound as a building block within and between communities

This track explores the ways that sound, music, oral history and radio intersect with community and identity-formation in the places we call home. We will ask: What is the role of sound in designing creative spaces? How do city policies, like noise regulations, create inclusion or exclusion within particular neighborhoods? How can the music and sound cultures that grow out of our communities lead to economic power for our communities? How can sound act as a building block within and between communities? We will share skills and best practices in transformative party-production, audio collection, sound preservation, urban planning, and more. We will identify success stories from places where creativity has not only been used as a tool to make those places “better,” but to keep what is wonderful and resilient about them. We will build upon conversations that started at AMC2014 in the Creative Placemaking/Placekeeping Track and the (No) Blank Slates: Detroit X New Orleans Cultural Exchange Track and expand upon those conversations to learn from the experiences of other communities.

This track is coordinated by Jess Solomon, Art in Praxis; Ryann Holmes, MoCADA and bklyn boihood; Kristy la rAt, Maracuyeah and Anthology of Booty; Thanu Yakupitiyage; Jenny Lee, Allied Media Projects

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