Creative Coping and Grieving Arts

The power of grief and its capacity to transform

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. What we love cannot die. We acknowledge the power of grief and its capacity to transform ourselves and our communities. Our media-based organizing strategy empowers us to live our grief out loud. Through this transparent communication with others, we can heal. This track is a platform for sharing and building tools, strategies, processes, videos, zines and wisdom to support our communities with collective and holistic healing. We will explore our evolving understanding of what it is to live and die, and forms of healing – from ritual and spiritual to magical realism. This track affirms and honors our emotional complexities and explores the various ways we navigate our individual and collective grief. We will hold space for the reality of grief that AMC participants carry in our bodies, especially those who have lost loved ones to violence and/or traumatic loss. We will question the linear understanding of life and seek to honor our resilience in surviving various forms of oppression and navigating loss and trauma.

This track is coordinated by Corina M. Fadel; Emani Sharifah-Akoma Love

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