Alternative Economies: Building the Other World that's Possible

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Putting visionary ideas into practice

The myth that there are no practical alternatives to the current economic system holds back our ability to imagine other futures and makes it harder for our movements to advance the kind of deep changes we need. But there is plenty of hope on the horizon: not only are there many alternatives to capitalism but communities on the frontlines of exploitation have been putting these visionary ideas into practices for decades. The Building the Other World that’s Possible Track will investigate how our movements can use media, art, and technology to give life to the claim that “another world is possible.” We will explore some of the most powerful and exciting alternatives to the extractive economy such as co-ops, land trusts, and community-owned renewable energy in order to examine how media-based organizing strategies can help us bring another world to life.

This track is coordinated by Belinda Rodriguez, Eli Feghali, Esteban Kelly, and Rachel Plattus, New Economy Coalition

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