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AMC agreements

How we share space at the AMC

Participant Agreements

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The AMC is a collective effort and thrives off the generosity and commitment of all the presenters, participants, coordinators, volunteers and staff.

As a space driven by ideas, ideals and visions, the AMC is an opportunity to model the kind of world in which we want to live. Most of the time, we all get along, but sometimes we will have disagreements or concerns. As we move together through sessions, nighttime events, and all the spaces in between, we offer the following participant agreements as guidance:

  • Ask questions before assuming. The best way to understand the choices, actions, or intentions of one another is by asking.
  • Please default to direct communication before a public “call-out.”
  • If you need something at the conference, ask for it. The people at the info desks located inside each main conference building will do their best to get you what you need. If someone is asking you for support, do your best to help them find a resource or solution.
  • Stay flexible and patient around any changes, cancellations or schedule shifts throughout the weekend.
  • Share what you’ve learned, including new projects you discovered and connections you made while at the AMC.
  • Take care of yourself! You do not have to attend everything, do everything or be everywhere through the weekend. Please ensure you maintain your health, energy and well-being throughout the weekend. For support, visit the Healing Justice Space and/or the Relaxation Room.
  • Have fun.

Social Media Agreements

For five beautiful days in June we come together – learning, building, exploring, and dancing in Detroit. But parallel to that universe another Allied Media Conference takes place… on the Internet.

The “Internet AMC” lives in tens of thousands of tweets and posts and statuses. The online space can be nearly as lively and provocative and abundant as the physical version of the AMC.

Social media can be a safe, engaging opportunity to communicate not-in-person. One of its most important functions is in providing a platform for voicing and amplifying the perspectives of folks who are marginalized or shy, and for including members of our community who cannot be physically present at the Allied Media Conference.

As we enter the physical and virtual space of the AMC, we ask everyone to operate within our shared Participant Agreements as well as these specific agreements for engaging online:

  • We will use social media to foster stronger connections and build community.
  • We will use social media to inspire and activate our networks.
  • We will use social media to create respectful and constructive dialogue.
  • In addition to sharing updates from our own lives and promoting our own work, we will also uplift the work of others who inspire us.

If problems come up, we will address them in this way:

  • We will attempt to resolve interpersonal issues through direct contact with the individuals involved rather than publicly on social media.
  • If a serious issue or concern is brought to our attention via social media, we will attempt to safely follow up through direct communication in an offline space.
  • We will participate in online dialogue about an issue of concern with the goal of collectively working towards a solution.
  • We will not share private conversations that took place offline on social media.

Additionally, Allied Media Projects staff agree to the following in regards to our social media pages:

  • We may make public statements to address serious issues or concerns that come up, such as a safety concern, or a concern about an AMC policy, etc. Such statements will be limited to situations in which we can reasonably feel that making a statement will contribute to a resolution of a problem.
  • We will remove racist, classist, sexist, bigoted, hateful statements and any other forms of “trolling” or “flaming” or “spam” from our social media pages.
  • We will respect your privacy online. If your settings are private, we won’t share your photos or updates with our larger public network. We will never post the personal information of users such as address, phone number, email etc. without individual consent.
  • To the best of our ability we will credit any media we share online and verify our sources.