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AMC Advisory Board

The AMC Advisory Board is made up of ten inter-generational, long-time AMC participants. Together, we are exploring some of the larger questions of scale, complexity, intersectionality and community cultivation. The Advisory Board will review TPSNG (tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings) and session proposals, and facilitate content at the AMC.

AMC Advisory Board

headshot of Tawana Petty

Tawana Petty

Six-time AMC participant
“It is an honor to be part of the 20th anniversary of the AMC. The AMC is a symbol of what it truly means to put vision into practice.”

headshot of Robin Markle

Robin Markle

Eight-time AMC participant
“The AMC is a political home for me that evolves each year, yet feels familiar. I am honored and excited to be part of the 2018 conference, and to see how this cycle nurtures, interrogates, and changes me.”

headshot of Michi Osato

Michi Osato

Seven (or is it eight?)-time AMC participant
“Being part of the 20th AMC, getting to dream with and learn from so many incredible organizers, healers, and creators, getting to connect to our past and bring into being our future, it feels like a great gift of being alive!”

headshot of Sage Crump

Sage Crump

Six-time AMC participant
“AMC is a place that incubates and supports the most imaginative and radical social justice work of our time. Being there is an opportunity to really live as a lifelong learner. Every year, I am excited and expanded by the work people are doing to transform.”

headshot of Halima Cassells

Halima Cassells

Five-time AMC participant
“Being a part of the 20th AMC is a powerful reminder of the magic in our movements and the longevity that lives in the intersections.”

headshot of Kristy la rAt

Kristy la rAt

Ten-time AMC participant
“Each AMC reveals new and exciting mutations of our collective and solo selves, our visions, our hacks, the moves we make to connect, collaborate and hacer puentes al andar, como nos dijo Gloria. This year I feel our ancestors rooting for us más que nunca, and I hope to slow down enough to listen to them, to move through and sit with grief, to channel life-generating creativity, and to catch each other's' breath when that collective rítmo is conjured, and there's the chance to come undone a little bit together.”

headshot of Kristy la rAt

Una Osato

Ten-time AMC participant
“The AMC is the world we're all working and fighting so hard to create, and each year we get to experience it with each other, it's amazing. I'm SO EXCITED for our AMC to turn 20, and us all to get to learn, grow, imagine, recharge, get inspired, and celebrate together! :)”

headshot of Kristy la rAt

ill weaver

Fourteen-time AMC participant
“The AMC is a family reunion, a constellation of unknown galaxies, where we are repeatedly transformed to grow our humanity and imaginations. Each AMC is a big bang for new frameworks, possibilities, and skills; a culmination of collaborative brilliance which emerged since the last spark.”