Women in Hip Hop as Resistance and Expression

Feminist Hip Hop Activism

Hip Hop has many cultural forms (DJing, Dance, Emceeing, Graffiti, and Knowledge) but too often these are used as propaganda tools to oppress women of color. The Women in Hip Hop as Resistance and Expression Track will bring together artists, activists and academics to creatively confront dominant misogynistic narratives in music and media. We will get to the root of how violence, and especially violence against women, became embedded in the cultural code of Hip Hop and we will rewrite that code to work towards the liberation of all people, drawing upon the brilliance of feminist Hip Hop activism, artistry, and scholarship.

This track is coordinated by Piper Carter, Tawana Petty, Kellie Hay, The Foundation of Women In Hip Hop

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Women in Hip Hop