14th Annual Allied Media Conference (2012)

At AMC2012 we designed new structures of conference content to hold and nurture the growing networks that convene at the AMC. In addition to Tracks, AMC2012 featured Network Gatherings, Practice Spaces and Delegations. We also introduced the Safety Team, which has become an invaluable resource for AMCers in need of crisis support and counseling. The Detroit Digital Stewards installed a "MagicNet" community wireless network at the conference - which we continue to re-install every year to this day.

Program Book

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Tracks, Practice Spaces, Network Gatherings


  • Webmaking
  • Analog Media
  • Research Justice for Movements and Community Voices
  • Imagining Better Futures Through Game Design & Play
  • Media Policy for Love & Justice
  • Occupy the Airwaves! Community Radio

Practice Spaces

  • Transformative Art Practice Space
  • Healing Justice Practice Space
  • Movement // Movement Practice Space
  • "Kids Transform the World!" Practice Space
  • Media-A-GoGo Hands-on Technology Practice Space
  • AMC-FM Live Radio
  • Creating Collective Access Practice Space
  • Eco-Media Practice Space

Network Gatherings

  • Nation Inside Network Gathering
  • May First / People Link
  • INCITE! Network Gathering
  • Werk It! Trans and Queer Youth Network Gathering
  • Poetry & Music as Transformative Education Network Gathering
  • Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collective Network Gathering
  • Medios Caminantes Network Gathering

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