13th Annual Allied Media Conference (2011)

The 13th annual Allied Media Conference brought over 1,800 people together in Detroit to push the boundaries of what media can be and how it can be used to transform our lives and our world. More Detroiters participated in the AMC this year than ever before, as representatives of the Detroit Future network, an emerging city-wide movement. This year also marked the first Healing Justice Practice Space, which has returned to the AMC every year since.

Program Book

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Tracks, Practice Spaces, Network Gatherings


  • Media in Our Bodies: Dance & Performance Arts
  • Kids Transform the World!
  • Media Policy for Social Justice
  • Elders: Amplifying Generations of Brilliance
  • Growing Safer Communities
  • Poetry & Music as Transformative Media
  • Incite!
  • Disability Justice: Creating Wholeness
  • Eco-Media for Survival & Sustainability
  • Trans & Queer Youth Media
  • Let’s Build It Together! Collaborative Technology Design
  • Medios Caminantes: Immigrant Voices
  • Health is Dignity. Dignity is Resistance
  • 2D Art for 3D Movements: Graphics to Bump Our Campaigns
  • Resisting the Incarceration Nation
  • Radio Active: Transformative Transmissions
  • Indigenous Media: Dispelling the Lies of the Trickster
  • Yalla! Media Strategies to End Israeli Apartheid
  • Science Fictions & Movement: Imagining a New Possible

Ongoing Activities

  • Creating Collective Access
  • AMC-FM Radio Broadcast: Hear It. Be It
  • Intergenerational Story Sharing Space
  • Right On! Write On!: An Ongoing Workshop
  • Childcare Strategies!
  • Fuel Your AMC! Bicycle Blender Smoothie Making Station!
  • Trumbullplex Zine Library Lounge
  • Healing Justice Practice Space
  • The Piratebox Commons

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