12th Annual Allied Media Conference (2010)

The four days of AMC2010, June 17-20, brought together 1,500 folks from across North America and beyond to Detroit to share and innovate media strategies for social change.

Program Book

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Tracks and Practice Spaces


  • Rad Art: 2-D images for 3-D movements
  • The Art and Practice of Disability Justice
  • Pop-Ed Power: Intergalactic Teaching and Learning for Liberation
  • Eco-Justice Media Making for Sustainable Communities
  • Kids!
  • INCITE ! / To Tell You the Truth
  • Indigenous Media and Technology
  • Medios Caminantes: Medios Creando, Fronteras Derrumbando
  • Media Policy for Social Justice
  • Communication Strategies for Ending the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Trans & Queer Youth Media
  • Radio Active: From the streets to the airwaves
  • Creating Safe Communities
  • Do-It-Yourself Technology
  • Youth

Ongoing / Practice Spaces

  • Media Lab
  • Mobile Silkscreen Lab
  • Detroit Summer “Another Detroit is Happening” Mural
  • Community Wi-Fi Build
  • Radio Station at the USS F Peoples Media Center

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