11th Annual Allied Media Conference (2009)

The 11th annual Allied Media Conference convened 1,000 participants in Detroit July 16-19, 2009. We held 100 workshops, panel discussions, caucus meetings, film screenings, Detroit tours, art exhibits and music events. The theme of the conference was "Create, Connect, Transform" - a theme that still resonates with the AMC today. The Detroit Digital Justice Coalition was founded at AMC2009, and the following year it helped secure and manage a $1 million dollar grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. We hosted our very first live radio broadcast from the AMC this year.

Program Book

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AMC2009 program book

Tracks, Practice Spaces, Network Gatherings


  • How-to Track
  • INCITE! Women of Color / Trans People of Color Track
  • Kids Track
  • Media, Education and Movement-Building Track
  • People’s Production House Media Policy Track
  • Youth Track


  • “Food Security” Art Exhibit
  • Kid’s Track / Childcare
  • Exhibition Area
  • Send Letters and Media to People in Prison
  • Media Lab & Smart Classroom
  • We Are Ready Now Radio! Broadcasting Live from the AMC
  • Radio Electronics Workshop
  • Super Computer Build: How to build computers from recycled parts and open source software
  • Direct Action Consultation Sessions

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