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AirGo Radio

For the last five years, Chicago has been the home of a remarkable cultural renaissance, led by primarily young artists, organizers, creators, and thinkers of color. The individuals and collectives making the most innovative, engaging art are often the same folks creating and shaping radical social action, activism, and organizing. This community has led to tangible organizing victories, released music and art that has influenced the culture work of artists and creators around the globe, and created space for radical imagination to thrive in the midst of sociopolitical tumult. Since 2015, AirGo has been a breathing, humanizing, comprehensive archive of these voices reshaping our culture and puts them in conversation with each other, portraying this moment of political upheaval and artistic genius through the perspectives and conversations of the changemakers themselves. Airing Thursdays at noon on WHPK-FM in Chicago, AirGo features longform conversations with artists, organizers, thinkers, and creators. AirGo puts Chicago's strongest young voices in conversation, documenting Chicago's radical renaissance and creating a living archive of humanizing dialogue telling the stories of our creative communities and social movements.