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Types of Events

Media, Dialogue, and Radical Imagination- Book Damon and Daniel to facilitate an interactive workshop helping college students, community-builders, nonprofits, and mission-driven corporations create humanizing subject-to-subject dialogue to address personal and structural power dynamics and reimagine their space for the more equitable and creative. Participants gain tangible tools for to-the-root dialogue, best practices for communication, and organizing strategy for reshaping their campus, organization, or community.

Media in the Middle - Interested in building media that challenges systemic power structures, centers the humanity of the participants, and moves your community toward equity? Damon and Daniel will lead you through the process of creating a dialogue-based media project that showcases and celebrates your community and the individuals working to help make it better. Participants learn the nuts and bolts of podcasting, best practices for production and distribution, and business basics for the burgeoning podcast industry.

Airgo Live - Damon and Daniel host a live episode of AirGo, in front of a live audience. Co-curate the guests for the show, featuring a combination of Chicago's most innovative thinkers and culture workers local to you..

AirGo Presents - Damon and Daniel bring some of the most vibrant emerging artists from Chicago to you for a live concert. Past musical guests include Saba, Ravyn Lenae, Jamila Woods, Ric Wilson, Tasha, Akenya, and more!