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Afrofuture Youth

Portrait of Numi in front of an opaque white glass wall at the DIA

Adrienne Ayers

Adrienne Ayers (known as Numi in the Detroit community) is the Founder and Co-Director of Afrofuture Youth. Adrienne is a Detroit native who started her journey of community organizing and youth work in 2014. Her past roles include Lead Organizer for Black Lives Matter Detroit and working for the Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools and with the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools. Her passion is using healing, political education, and empowerment to help black and brown youth create a more equitable world for all black lives. She has worked with community by utilizing healing centered frameworks the past 4 years and has used her skills as a reiki practitioner since 2018. Currently, Adrienne attends the University of Detroit Mercy as a Masters candidate in the Community Development program. She obtained her bachelor's from Eastern Michigan University.