AMP produces the Allied Media Conference and supports art, media, and technology projects working for social change.

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A collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing.

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Recent Allied Media Projects News

Call for Submissions - Radical Remedies: Collective Healing and Power Through Story

As our communities face the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and severe anti-Black racism, what do resilience, resistance, joy, grief, and collective care look like?

Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA) invites Detroiters and Michigan residents to creatively respond to this question through short videos with its latest project, Radical Remedies: Collective Healing and Power Through Story.

Towards Black Liberated Futures

We at Allied Media Projects are in grief and in rage as we witness the many layers of anti-black racism embedded in this country laid bare by the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and police brutality.

Staying Ready

Beloved community,

We are here. We are with you.

Over the next days and weeks we will be reconfiguring everything — how we work, how we eat, how we keep our hearts, minds, and bodies strong. For AMP, the nature of our days and the shape of our programs will transform, but the core of our work remains the same.